Posted by: philw0410 | April 5, 2011

Highlights of the Term!

Ok, I have been a terrible blogger this past term. Apologies all. But, the term itself has actually been full of some amazing highlights and God moments, so here is my attempt to pull out a few of them to give you a flavour of whats been going on!

Jan: Relational Mission Team, East England: I had the privilege of spending 2 days in Ipswich, UK, where we gathered prophetic folk from across the Churches that are working with Mike Betts, within newfrontiers. What a cracking bunch of people they are. I loved hanging out with Mike, Maurice Nightingale and Grantley Watkins.

Jan: Visit of Ian Andrews to Kings Arms: My Christian world was turned upside down at the age of 10 when I went to one of Ian’s meetings. I saw for the first time the raw, untamed healing power of God as a mans leg grew out by many inches, right in front of my eyes!  Having Ian at KA was a great personal highlight, and here is a surprise – God healed many people again!

Jan: Teaching, TSM: Teaching on our Training for Supernatural Ministry ( TSM ) course is always a thrill. This time around, I taught on the Incommunicable Attributes of God and it was very special! I don’t think I have ever taught such weighty truth in such a weighty anointing! The air was thick.

Feb: J John Sunday: The wonderful J John came to speak at a special guest event at KA, with around 50 responding to the Gospel at the conclusion – such a moving moment! Many lives impacted by Jesus.

Feb: Auckland, New Zealand. Much of Feb was taken up with a ministry trip to see my good friends Simon and Sanna Finch and the wonderful Grace Church in Auckland.  I travelled with the mighty Dom Llewellyn, and together we had a fantastic time where God again was very very good!  We saw some wonderful encouragements as people stepped forward in the prophetic, had personal breakthroughs, encountered Gods Father heart and heard His voice. I love Grace Church. They are a special community.

March: Prophetic Forum, Bedford. We held our second Prophetic Forum conference, which this time had doubled in size. 90 prophetic delegates gathered for teaching and impartation, with special guests Ginny Burgin ( Sheffield ), Keith Hazel and Raymond Bergin ( Lethbridge, Canada ) and Julian Adams ( Bedford, UK ). It was a great two days. God is raising up a prophetic army, and in some way, it felt that we contributed towards equipping them for greater exploits!

March: Daughters Birthday! Lauren turned 12 in March, which felt like another milestone in all our lives. I cannot quite believe I have such a wonderful, beautiful and grown-up daughter as Lauren! She is a treasure.

March:  KA Leaders Weekend: Our annual leaders weekend was again great fun, and this was our first year as proper ‘punters’, as opposed to guests! It felt great! Personal highlight was singing out in a strange new tongue, in a half-rap, half-calypso style!

March: Free Life 2011, Durham: I travelled to Durham to participate as one of the guest speakers at a region-wide conference, along-side Marc Dupont, Canada. It was a great privilege to meet Marc, and to team up again with good friends as we saw God do some fantastic things and also to make some great promises to Emmanuel Church, Durham. Watch out – a prophetic eagle is about to be launched in that region.

April: City Church, Cambridge: Had a great time with my old school chum Nick Green, who leads City Church in Cambridge. I took a highly gifted team of prophetic people with me, and together had a blessed time, encouraging the Church in building a supernatural culture that hosts the presence of God!

April: Seagulls! Of course, I must also mention that as of today, the mighty Brighton and Hove Albion sit 11 points clear at the top of the table in League One. Come on the Albion!

Its been a great term. Bring on the next!


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