Posted by: philw0410 | August 16, 2010

Arrival and the Blessing of Community

Well, we have landed – touched down in bedford at our new home. Please come and visit us, we would love to see you! I start my new job at the mighty Kings Arms on 1st September, and already have all of the excited and nervous emotions that go hand-in-hand with starting a new job. There is something about new arrivals that connects you so strongly to your sense of need, and therefore connects you to God in a new way. There is special grace from God in times of need. Whether the new arrival is a wife, a baby, a new friendship, a job, a house, a strange new circumstance or a challenge – arrivals connect you to the weakness of your humanity, yet the mighty, enduring strength of Jesus.

What I have also been reminded of this week is the incalcucable glory of being in a community called the Church! How foolish it is when we succumb to the lie that we do not need one another and can live out our Christian faith on our own. What utter nonsense that is! As we arrived in our new rental home, it was not the cleanest evironment we had ever experienced! In fact, lets face it, it was downright nasty….caked on grease, cobwebs galore, mountains of dust, unearthly smells….you get the picture! But in our moment of need, in trooped the Church, terrible as an army with banners, equipped with all of the tools of warfare for such an occassion – i.e. rubber gloves, bleach and toilet cleaner. Hours were spent cleaning, unpacking and generally making our lives a joy, in a moment that could have been so daunting and lonely. I love the Church!

I am part of a body ( 1 Cor 12 ) . I cannot say to the hand I do not need you. I am in-grafted with brothers and sisters, because each of us is ingrafted into Christ, the head of the Church, which is His body. I am so thankful I am in a community called the Church. I have always loved Paul Billheimers quote from his magnificent book Destined for the Throne, where he says: ” Despite all of her appaling failures, indefensible short-comings and lamentable weaknesses, the Church is still the mightiest force for civilisation in the world today. ”

You don’t go to Church. We are the Church.



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  2. Hi Phil, hope the move went well and you are all slowly settling in – is there any news on school placements for Sam and Lauren? Do you have a email address you are contactable on? Looking at potentially coming up to Bedford in October for the Father’s Heart conference. Love to you all, /Tom

    • Yo Tom my man. I did send you an email, but in case it did not reach you my new email is The Church moves into its new building this weekend. Exciting times! You will have to come and visit. Any time mate. You would be so welcome. Catch you soon. Phil ( ps…book March 10-11th in your diary for the next prophetic forum event in Bedford )

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