Posted by: philw0410 | August 3, 2010

Treasure Your History with God

I move house next week. Moving on to pastures new inevitably causes you to look back and remember the pastures of old. 15 years in the great city of Newcastle upon Tyne and the magnificent City Church, have given me so many significant and treasured memories. Marrying my sweetheart, Carole. Getting a first in Social Policy at Newcastle Uni. Working with some truly outstanding people at Blyth Valley Council in the ‘drugs capital of the North East’! Youth work in City Church, discipling boys who became young men and leading dear friends to Christ. The birth of my wonderful children, Lauren Louise and Samuel Zachary. Becoming an Elder and staff member at City Church in 2002. The friendships, the homes, the battles, the breakthroughs, the joys and the tears. I treasure them all.

And yet, as I walked and prayed yesterday evening near my home in Wallsend, there was one aspect of my 15 years that I was most profoundly thankful for – my history with the Lord. As I prayed on streets that I have prayed on many times before, I began to remember with the Lord, all of the ordinary, yet hallowed places, that He and I have walked and talked together through the years. He has been so faithful and so good to me in every season of life. In my confusion, intoxicating joy, disappointment, heartache, passion, hope, desperation, peace, maturity and immaturity, longing and lethargy – He has remained faithful and true in it all. I have waxed and waned. He has remained eternally and steadfastly strong. I have needed Him every day. He has graciously met me in every way.

I could take you to so many places where He has shown Himself my provider and saviour. There was the field of cows near Henderson Hall. There was my box-bedroom in tenth avenue. There was the park at the end of Rokeby Terrace. Saltwell Park where I cried out to God for a job! My car journeys to Seaton Delaval on misty weekday mornings. The well-trod streets of Walker and Wallsend. Tynemouth beachfront, Wallsend Sports Centre and so many other places! I truly treasure my history with the Lord. They have been the most precious and most important moments I have spent these last 15 years. Every word He has spoken. Every glimpse I have seen of Him. Every revelation and every encouragement. Apart from Him, Ican do nothing. Life only makes sense when Jesus is at the centre.

Lord, for all your faithfulness, I thankyou. I will enter your courts with thanksgiving. I will enter your gates with praise, for you are good and your love endures forever. Your faithfulness endures throuhout all generations ( Psalm 100:4-5).

 He is the wellspring of life.  Treasure your history with God.



  1. Great post Phil. I also like to look back and remember times, places, people. So thankful that through them all God is good to me. I’m sure what we see and know is only the tip of the iceberg.

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